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  • Nov17Thu

    From a Listener in Cambodia

    November 17, 2016 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Paying Forward the Lessons of Women of Hope

    For Ratana, Women of Hope isn’t just a favourite radio program or an easily accessible channel of encouragement. It’s more than that: a resource for living and for helping others.

    The young Cambodian woman has already been listening to Project Hannah’s flagship broadcast nearly eight years, since she was in early high school. The Project Hannah team in this Southeast Asian nation of about 15 million people was contacted by Ratana, who expressed her longtime enthusiasm for the program and asked for some help.

    She said listening to Women of Hope when she was a kid made her happy, and when she grew up, it provided tools to help in her work with a Christian social-services center for women and children. She shares the lessons she learns from the program with women she serves in 16 northwest Cambodian villages.

    “I remember the lesson in Women of Hope that talked about abortion, and I brought this lesson to encourage them,” Ratana told the team members. “A lot of women that I work with want to abort their children, but after I brought the lesson about abortion to make them aware of it, most of them who were wanting to abort their children decided to keep their babies until birth.”

    As touching as her story already was to the Project Hannah team, Ratana inspired them even more with two follow-up requests. First, could she have the radio programs saved on a flash drive so she could share them with the women in the villages?

    “Moreover,” she added, “I really want to see you and your team face to face, as I hear only your voice on the radio."

    Eventually, she did visit the TWR office and spend a little time with the team members. It seemed to be an uplifting experience for the ones visited as well as the for visitor. Women of Hope programs were copied onto a digital drive and sent home with her for further sharing.

    And the team was gratified to learn that she makes use of another Project Hannah resource, the monthly prayer calendar. In fact, Ratana’s mother brings the calendar to her each month, and she joins tens of thousands of intercessors around the world praying for women who are often struggling amid desperate conditions.

    “In my village, women and girls are the most harmed, as they stay at home and the husbands or men work to earn money to support them,” she said. “They have no value and get treated violently by their husbands. They really need us to pray for them, too.”

    These Cambodian women and girls no longer struggle alone in their villages. By giving, by praying, by serving like Ratana as the hands of feet of Jesus, a global movement of women is committed to sharing hope with the people whom the Saviour called “the least of these.”

    TWR Canada also distributed media players and micro SD cards in Cambodia, read about that here.