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    February 2020 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    January 24, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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    Spiritual Growth

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    Have you ever tried to put together a complicated product – a bicycle, for example, or unassembled furniture – only to admit you can’t figure it out yourself and must follow the enclosed instruction manual? Our lives, of course, are even more complicated. Thankfully, there is an instruction manual that teaches us how to successfully live a life that pleases our Father. God’s Word teaches us that “The fear of the Lord” – in other words, reverence and respect for him – “is the beginning of knowledge.” In fact, the wisdom we need for our lives comes directly from the Lord himself, for “from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding” (Prov. 1:7 and 2:6).

    God is our teacher; his Word is our instruction manual and the goal is for us to become like him. But it’s not like God is making duplicate copies of himself. Each of us is uniquely made. Just as we see a strong family resemblance among siblings in a family, God wants each of us to spiritually grow to look like him.

    So what does God look like? Psalm 103:8-14 beautifully describes God as being compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love, not treating us as our sins deserve but instead removing them. He wants us to have these same qualities – loving others, having empathy, not holding grudges or criticizing but instead being merciful and forgiving.

    How do you become like someone else? How do we become like God? It is said that people begin to look like those with whom they spend the most time. So spend time with God. As we pray, read the Scriptures and see the mighty works that God has done for his children – parting the Red Sea, providing manna to eat in the desert – it forces us to realize how God has acted on our behalf. He has forgiven our sin, delivered us from death and blessed our lives repeatedly.

    Throughout the Bible, God calls us to remember. As we remember what God has done, as we reflect on his character, we are driven to a point of decision: What are we going to do with this knowledge? How are we to react to God’s mercy and kindness toward us? This knowledge leads us to a crisis of decision. For those who yield to God, it leads to faith and obedience that daily call out to him, “Father, make me like you.”


    In February, we are praying for spiritual growth. Please pray … 

    1. Dear Lord, we ask that Christian Finnish women grow deep in their knowledge of you and become spiritually mature, not tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. (Eph. 4:13-15)
    2. Father, we pray that millennials and their succeeding generation will truly embrace their salvation and personal relationships with you and not fall away when they leave home.
    3. We pray for the underground church in North Korea, Lord. May the believers be strengthened and encouraged by the TWR programs in Korean and boldly share their faith with others.
    4. May believers in the West and in Middle European countries realize their need for continued spiritual growth. Lord, may they not become passive, overfed consumers but instead be pursuers of you.
    5. Gracious Father, we pray that TWR Women of Hope Brazil will be used as a tool to encourage women to study your Word and deepen their relationships with you.
    6. Dear Lord, we ask that you show mercy to single mothers in Japan. Please help them find employment and keep their eyes on you as their spiritual husband, provider and source of peace.
    7. Lord, we ask that you awaken and revive your Church. May the Church not compromise its message and focus but preach your Word and salvation through Jesus Christ.
    8. Many women in Sweden lack purpose, direction and hope in their lives. Father, please connect them with Bible-preaching churches and Christians who can reach out with your love, hope and salvation.
    9. Father, give strength and unwavering faith to your daughters as they undergo trials. May they not become bitter but learn perseverance and godly character through these difficulties. (Col. 1:11)
    10. We pray that the state church and Christian schools of Denmark would teach the whole Word of God – that biblical truth about both sin and grace would be proclaimed so people would come to see their need for our Saviour, Jesus.
    11. Lord, would you guide women in Denmark to the homepage of our partner Norea Mediemission (https://www.tilliv.dk), which conveys the essentials of Christian faith in text, audio and video? Bless and guide our partner.
    12. Lord, may women discover and listen to Women of Hope broadcasts and be intellectually and spiritually fed by its content. Open their ears and hearts to hear and obey your life-transforming truth.
    13. We ask that spiritual fruit be produced in the lives of Haitian Christian youth and women so that their lives become role models for their peers.
    14. Father, we pray that Christian women in China will be filled with your Holy Spirit, humility, strength and wisdom. Protect them as they boldly stand for you, bearing fruit as they obey you.
    15. We praise you, Father, for the strength, mercy, power and ability that you give your daughters. May our lives reflect you and your ways to a watching world.
    16. May Vietnamese families be committed to listening to your Word on the radio and to praying in accordance with your will.
    17. Our gracious Father, we pray that those who listen to the Low German Women of Hope broadcasts in Canada would be encouraged to grow deeper in their faith.
    18. Help us, Lord, to be faithful in praying each day for our TWR Women of Hope sisters around the world. May we bear one another’s burdens and encourage each other through your Word.
    19. Father, would you give your children great wisdom to discern when people are speaking your truth accurately and when they are trying to deceive them to reap financial gain.
    20. God, you see the decrease of youth in South Korean churches. Awaken and strengthen the faith of the youth, their parents and the church leaders who guide them.
    21. We pray, Father, that every TWR Women of Hope intercessor would have quality time with you each day and live out her Christian witness in each of her relationships.
    22. Lord, we pray that you would send out workers to the Maasai lands, Barabaig, Kurya, Pwani and Unguja in Tanzania and other places where salvation has not yet been preached.
    23. We pray for the strengthening and encouragement of your Church in Zanzibar, Father, as believers face discrimination and many great obstacles.
    24. Father, we pray that women in India would be strengthened in their faith as they read your Word, pray and listen to the broadcasts of Women of Hope.
    25. Father, we thank you that Women of Hope programs are being broadcast in Uruguay prisons, hospitals and senior-citizen centers. May the truth of your Word strengthen and bring joy to all who listen.
    26. We thank you, Father, for the gift of the Holy Spirit who teaches us and enables us to understand your truth. (John 14:26)
    27. Sovereign Lord, we pray that as Dr. Peggy Banks completely surrenders her will to you, she would discern your will for her life and the TWR Women of Hope ministry.
    28. Father, we pray that the minds and hearts of women in Buen Pastor prison and the Trinidad neighbourhood in Paraguay would be transformed by the Word of God spoken in the Women of Hope programs.
    29. Lord, everything in your Word was written to teach us. Help us to embrace the endurance and encouragement your Word provides so that we may have hope (Rom. 15:4).


    Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used with permission. All rights reserved worldwide.