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    Changing Lives Through Education

    January 15, 2021 by the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Women of Hope has always been produced with a two-fold plan of learning: spiritual learning and practical learning. In 2020, TWR Women of Hope had the opportunity to provide practical learning on a new topic: COVID-19. As the testimony from Ethiopia below shows, this practical learning has been a source of comfort and education for listeners. It has allowed women to be better prepared to protect their families from getting sick.

    “Dear TWR Women of Hope, may the grace of the Lord be with you and your ministry. Your radio program is very interesting and teaches us many spiritual and practical things. The program opens the spiritual eyes of women; men also benefit from your radio program. So be encouraged to do more, especially your teachings and advice about COVID-19. You invited health workers to your studio and gave us the right information on how to protect ourselves and our families from the virus. It is very helpful.

    “You reach to the heart of women. You are doing a great job, thank you very much! Your teachings help us and guide us in how to walk in the light of God during this dark time. During this difficult time, we can’t go to church and can’t come together to worship, but your radio program is like a church. It encourages us and supports us in this difficult time. Remember us in your prayers. Our country is not in a good situation and also pray that God would take away COVID-19 from our country. Please do more awareness around COVID-19, because our people do not yet understand how they can prevent themselves and their families from the virus. We need to learn more from you.”

    Around the world, listeners of Women of Hope are able to better care for their families through the education they receive from the program. And not only that, but they hear the life-changing, saving truth of Jesus Christ. Women of Hope changes lives physically, but more importantly, changes lives spiritually. Praise the Lord!