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  • Nov24Fri

    Better Equipped for the Journey

    November 24, 2017 by the TWR Canada Women’s Ministry Team
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    Discipleship, Testimonies

    In a wonderful display of God working out all things for his glory, TWR Canada and ShareWord Global (formerly The Gideons International in Canada) joined in partnership to bring the Word of God to TWR Women of Hope prayer group members in Mozambique. Bibles and audio Bibles in the Makhuwa language were distributed, much to the great delight of those receiving them. For many, they have never held, let alone owned, a Bible!

    Sphiwe Nxumalo-Ngwenya, TWR Area Ministry Director for Southern Africa, was part of the Bible distribution in Nampula and shared her experience with us. To get to a gathering of prayer group members, they travelled by public transportation for 70-80 km, carrying a box of Bibles. When they arrived, they sat under a tree and held the radio in the air to find the clearest reception of the Makhuwa Women of Hope program!

    The sun began to set as they listened. Despite the surrounding noises of the neighbourhood, of kids playing and of cars on the road and a train passing by, they were very focused on the program. The group, which has more men than women, listened attentively. As the program began, the group sang along with the obviously familiar introductory music. When the radio host welcomed the group, they joyfully greeted her back! Then the program began. The intense concentration of the group showed a deep engagement with the words being spoken.

    After the program was over, Bible distribution began, with the pastor receiving his Bible first. The joy of receiving a Bible was evident as they read aloud in sync with the audio Bible. Sphiwe says, “It sounded like choral music with the different voices of the people as they joined [together] in the reading…”

    110 Bibles were given to those in the Women of Hope prayer groups. When some received their Bible, they immediately looked up their favourite Scripture verse(s)—verses they had memorized from the Women of Hope Makhuwa program.

    Our Makhuwa Women of Hope program is aired each Saturday. Now, after listening to the program on air, groups stay longer, listening to Scripture from the audio Bible and reading along in their Bibles as they listen. They read for 30 minutes and then discuss what they heard on the program and what they have read in the Bible. This time together in the Word is invaluable as they grow in their faith.


    Thank you indeed! We are grateful for your partnership in gifts and in prayer for this vital ministry in Mozambique. Together, we are sharing the life-changing Word of the Lord!