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    April 2020 Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    March 27, 2020 by Nicki Coles
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    God of all Hope and Comfort

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    Single-parent homes appear to be increasing around the world, and single mothers lead the vast majority of them. Although the reasons vary, their struggles are similar. Many are raising children on their own. They long for comfort. They may become hopeless.

    This is the story of two women in different parts of the world who found themselves single and God met their needs as single mothers.

    The first, Ajkuna,* is from Albania. She is a believer who says, “I am a single mother, and I have raised my two daughters by myself. My husband died unexpectedly, and God has been my only comfort during all these years.”

    This widow goes on to say, “I like your TWR Women of Hope prayer-calendar program and pray every day together with you.”

    Another woman, called Kesor,* lost her husband due to infidelity. He left her for another woman, and like Ajkuna, Kesor is raising children on her own.

    This single mom says, “I didn’t know who I could depend on after my husband left us, because my children and I were always dependent on him. During that difficult time, I was hopeless and depressed and thought about suicide.”

    These women, different in so many ways, each found hope and comfort in God. Because of this hope, Ajkuna says, “The prayer calendar is very crucial because it helps us to understand the situations of women all around the world.”

    Kesor, her sister in Christ, says, “God brought me hope through the Woman of Hope programs. I listen to them with a group of women, and I would like to thank your team that produces this program. Thank you to Jesus Christ as well. Amen!”

    * This is a pseudonym to protect her privacy. 

    In April, we are praying for the health and wellness of young girls. Please pray …

    1. Lord, thank you for the ministry of physical, social and spiritual healing provided by fistula hospitals, churches and the Healing Voice program to women recovering from fistulas.
    2. God, we pray for Vietnamese Christian girls to be taught and to live by your biblical moral standards. May they resist the cultural temptation to participate in premarital sex and cohabitation.
    3. Father, we praise you that in France the pregnancy rate for teenagers has dropped by 60 per cent over the past 25 years due to higher education for girls.
    4. Lord, we pray for an end to the custom of child brides among the Roma living in Serbia and Albania. These early marriages impede education, leaving these girls without an ability to earn a living wage.
    5. Father, we pray for an end to forced abortions of North Korean pregnant women who are recaptured after fleeing the country. The government does not want mixed blood in their race.
    6. Give strength to the girls of Denmark to stand strong in you, Father, as they struggle with the stress of school grades and face great social pressure.
    7. We praise you, Lord, that the Tanzanian government passed a judgment that girls under 18 will no longer be eligible to get married.
    8. Would you open the eyes of young women in Central Asia to your truth, Father, so that they would follow you rather than joining the region’s predominant religion?
    9. Father, we pray for loving, compassionate support for teenagers in Portugal who have given birth at a young age.
    10. We thank you, Lord, that children’s radio programs in Malawi are changing the minds and hearts of parents, causing them to cancel arranged marriages for their young girls.
    11. Father, help teenagers in Romania to look to Christian models in life and reject premarital sex. May young mothers turn to you for help in the complicated mission of parenthood.
    12. Protect young girls from child marriage in India, Father, knowing that it often deprives girls of their education, health and safety.
    13. Father, inform and raise up German Christians to fight against the practice of early marriage among immigrants in their country and defend the helpless girls being given as child brides.
    14. Lord, we long for teenage girls across Canada to find their worth and identity in you and not in their social relationships.
    15. God, we ask for the protection of young girls against cultural practices resulting in physical harm to their immature bodies as well as in emotional and mental consequences.
    16. Our hearts break when hearing that 95 per cent of Korean teen pregnancies end in abortion. Father, may churches and parents teach their children the value of life.
    17. Lord, please change hearts and minds in the culture and government of Nepal to discontinue child marriages and instead offer free education and protection for their children.
    18. We pray that families in Côte d'Ivoire would renounce female genital mutilation, early marriage and childbirth at home, all of which increase the occurrence of fistulas in pregnant women.
    19. Father, may Finnish girls find positive self-esteem and value in how you view them as your daughters. Protect them from unhealthy cultural influences and expectations.
    20. We pray for your protection and provision for young brides and mothers. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 15:13).
    21. In Indonesia, 1 in 6 girls marries before the age of 18, which increases the likelihood of maternal death, divorce, domestic violence and child labor. God, encourage parents to allow their daughters both a childhood and an education.
    22. Father, we pray for Bulgarian teens to choose your biblical truths rather than the culture of sexual indulgence, which may lead to unwanted pregnancies; 75 per cent of abortions occur in teens under age 16.
    23. Lord, we pray for community and assistance for the young single mothers in Japan who are struggling to earn a living for their families.
    24. We rejoice that in Côte d'Ivoire the age for marriage has been raised to 20 for men and 18 for women.
    25. God, we cry out for freedom for women escaping North Korea. May they not be deceived by brokers and sold to brothels. Lead them to places of safety.
    26. Give wisdom to leaders who need to address the problems of early marriage and pregnancy in China. Of the 75 million youths 15 to 19 years old, 1.2 million are married.
    27. Father, we pray for increased opportunities for education, human rights and health care for women in Central Asia.
    28. Thank you, Lord, for the ministry to pregnant teen mothers at the Uruguay Women’s Hospital. May these girls be given love and compassion in their homes and the ability to finish their education.
    29. Lord, may you comfort the abandoned young mother who suffers with the complications of a fistula. Connect her with those who can provide medical help and restore her in soul and body.
    30. Father, we pray that Dr. Peggy Banks would completely surrender her own will to your will for her life and ministry each day.

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