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    A Refuge In A Time Of Trouble

    September 2, 2016 by Colleen Shoemaker
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    Dear praying friend,  

    Some of the most precious words in the Bible for me come from the Psalms. They are rich with words of God’s love, mercy, faithfulness, soothing words of His comfort, strength and shelter. Time and time again, I return to these passages to calm my thoughts, to find peace and comfort. And I’m never disappointed.  

    A passage like Psalms 9:9-10 gives me encouragement and renewed hope when I feel overwhelmed by the desperate and painful stories we hear in Project Hannah.  

    “The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you” (NLT). (emphasis mine)  

    Do you see what I mean? This is a powerful reminder of the Lord’s compassion and faithfulness to those who are oppressed and seeking him. It’s also the truth that B, a woman in West Africa, discovered.

    B was a governess to a rich family. She had an enviable life, with opportunities few had. She had obtained her driver’s license and a passport, both privileges not available to many women. Then she fell in love and got married. She and her new husband moved to the outskirts of town to a simpler lifestyle, and B left her job. She followed God’s leading and her love for a man she knew well … or so she thought.  

    Now years later, with two children, she shares that her husband has a good job but there are days he doesn’t give her enough money to cover expenses; other days he doesn’t even bother to come home. One day, B discovered talismans under the bed and later more evidence of occult practices. Her world began to unravel. Neglect, irresponsibility, witchcraft … who was this man?  

    B’s story is similar to that of many women. Their circumstances make it impossible to look past their day-to-day life. Many feel trapped – trapped in abuse, slavery and cultural practices that keep them isolated and oppressed. Their life is not their own. They feel completely helpless.  

    Some are sold as child brides, often to older men, and they become slaves to their husband and his family. Some are lured away from home with promises of a lucrative job, only to realize they have been tricked and are now owned and forced to work on the street. Some are born into desperate poverty and their mother makes the unimaginable decision to sell them, believing that if the man has enough money to purchase her, he can afford to give her a better life. Some are made to stay home from school to help with chores and siblings, while their brothers are given the opportunity for an education.  

    Can you feel the despair and hopelessness? Sadly, these are the stories of countless women around the world. But there is one marked difference to B’s story. Let me tell you the rest.   

    B was surprisingly serene as she told her story. She talked about seeing God’s grace and sufficiency for each day and about seeing His love and care for her and her children. What a tremendous example of perseverance and trust in the Lord!  

    B places her trust in the One who promises to never leave her or forsake her, the One who is her comforter, refuge, provider and peace. This gives her all she needs to rise above her circumstances and see God’s grace and sufficiency. She has found her hope and security in Jesus Christ.  

    ">This hope is the message of Project Hannah’s Women of Hope programs. In a friendly, one-on-one conversational style, the broadcasts share practical information on life issues. Then they relate that knowledge to biblical truths leading to new spiritual freedom and hope.  

    This innovative program is heard in 69 languages around the world! For many, Women of Hope is the only voice speaking words of help and understanding in their lives. Will you help us continue to proclaim the hope of Jesus Christ?  

    Your gift will empower women with more than knowledge and self-worth. It will give them the eternal hope of Jesus Christ.

    In Him,

    Colleen Shoemaker

    Project Hannah, Canadian Coordinator


    P.S. You can give by calling our toll-free number (1-888-672-6510) or online here.