West Africa Transmitter - Trans World Radio Canada

TWR operates a 100 kilowatt medium-wave transmitter in West Africa, broadcasting to nine countries in 22 languages, with a total potential audience of approximately 190 million people. The primary purpose of this broadcast facility is to assist the church in proclaiming the gospel in local languages. TWR has expanded our broadcast site to include a second transmitter, focused primarily on a nearby country, allowing the first transmitter to focus on languages of other countries in West Africa. The second transmitter began airing in February 2020, at partial power. The team at the broadcasting site is working on getting the transmitter up to full broadcasting power.


“We appreciate you! Just wanted to let you know that we listen to you every morning and we hear you! Thank you very much and God bless you.”

“I listen to your broadcasts, even this morning. I have been looking for a good Christian radio station, preaching the truth of the Word of God.”

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the final details to have the transmitter broadcast at full power.
  • Pray for the target country, and those who will hear God's Word because of this new transmitter.

Your gift to the West Africa Transmitter will go towards funding the construction of the transmitter.

Oasis Transmitter Project 2019 from TWR on Vimeo.