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Visual media, now more than ever, presents an unprecedented opportunity to communicate the hope of Christ to some of the least-reached people groups around the world. In illiterate communities or unwritten languages, visual media can play an important role in reaching out to people who have not heard God's truth.

One way TWR Canada is involved in visual media is through partnering with TWR MOTION. TWR MOTION’s goal is to utilize visual media to reach these people groups and to assist our national partners in using visual media in their work.

One of the initial projects for the TWR MOTION team has been to create an original visual narrative that uses captivating animations and specially composed music to present the gospel in an unwritten Arabic dialect. Earlier this year, these 20 stories were shared through social media, which allowed the on-the-ground teams to connect with viewers. The series has received positive feedback, and TWR MOTION is looking into producing the series in 3 more languages.

The TWR MOTION team is also working on a strategy to train and equip our national partners around the world in visual media, to strengthen their abilities to use visual media in their work.


“When I got to my late teens, I felt that something was missing. I am a country girl. The only way to know things was through the internet and books. My questions were shameful, to the point that they called me an atheist and a pagan/infidel/blasphemer, because I feel connected spiritually to Jesus Christ. I searched for a Gospel online and I found it. My eyes were opened. I cried and I laughed, it was a beautiful journey. My hope is to see Jesus face to face.”

“Thank you, my dear brother. I love our teacher the Messiah very much because he is the Spirit of God and the Saviour from our sins. I want to know more, to make my path clearer in the company of our teacher the Messiah and his honorable Spirit. I am a new Christian.”

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the TWR MOTION team, as they continue to grow, and that the right people would join their team.
  • Pray for the potential production of the animation series in 3 new languages.
  • Pray for those who watched the initial series, that they would see God’s truth in it, and choose to follow him.

By giving to Visual Media, you will be assisting with projects such as TWR MOTION to use visual media to communicate the hope of Christ around the world.