Venezuela Media Players - Giving Tuesday - Trans World Radio Canada
We have shared stories over the past year about the social and economic situation in the country of Venezuela. You can read prior posts by following these links: October 2018 and March 2019

Though the situation in Venezuela has been and continues to be with little hope, because of the power upgrade to the Bonaire transmitter in January 2018, we have seen an increase in listener responses. Some of them can be found in our impact stories. 

This fall, we were approached with the opportunity to partner with RTM (TWR) Venezuela to get media players into the hands of Venezuelan residents. 

They have asked for 200 players in the Spanish and Warao (an indigenous and unreached people group) languages, fixed tuned to the Bonaire radio station to be given to listener families. The Warao players will be distributed by local missionaries that RTM Venezuela works with. AM radios are not available in Venezuela, so providing these players that are tuned to 800 AM will allow more people to hear the programming from Bonaire throughout the week.

If and where radios are available, no-one can afford them. Recent reports are that because of inflation, the average monthly minimum wage in the country will allow someone working full time to buy one dozen eggs, so nearly everyone who remains in the country needs outside financial assistance of some kind.

We have already secured the funds for 100 of these media players. This giving Tuesday we're looking to raise the funds for the additional 100 players. The total we're looking to raise is $3000 (approximately $30 per player). 

Would you consider joining with us? 

Please watch the video below as our communications manager, Nicki Coles, interviews Steve Shantz, TWR International VP of Latin America and the Caribbean.