Unreached people groups (UPGs) are those that do not have an indigenous community of Christians with adequate resources to evangelize without outside assistance (Joshua Project). Through various forms of media, TWR Canada is reaching UPGs around the world.

Some of the projects where we are reaching UPGs are listed below:

  • China Evangelism Project – over 100 UPGs in China will be reached with the gospel in 15 languages
  • Kham Magar Evangelism Programming – the Kham Magar people live in an isolated, mountainous region of Nepal. This radio program reaches them with the gospel
  • The Way of Righteousness – In the Nubi language, the Nubi people of Uganda are hearing the gospel for the first time
  • Power of the Gospel – Japan is the second largest UPG in the world. This program gives local pastors a platform to share the gospel with their communities
  • The Christian Home – This radio program on marriage and family points parents and families in Central Asia to Jesus and having a firm, biblical family foundation
  • TWR MOTION – The visual animation project created by TWR MOTION was initially released in an unwritten Arabic dialect for an UPG
  • Ministry to the Persian-speaking world
  • Quebec Ministry - TWR Canada's partner in Quebec, Aujourd'hui l'Espoir is reaching the unreached in our own country, the people of Quebec

Your gift to Unreached People Groups will fund the distribution of evangelistic programming to those without an adequate indigenous community of Christians to evangelize without outside assistance around the world.