Trans World Radio Canada - Projects - Unreached People Groups
Unreached people groups (UPGs) are those that do not have an indigenous community of Christians with adequate resources to evangelize without outside assistance (Joshua Project). Through media, TWR Canada is reaching UPGs in China and Nepal.

Over 100 UPGs in China will be reached with the gospel in 15 major languages through the use of media. Sixty dramatized Bible stories presenting the life and teachings of Christ have been produced in Mandarin, Yue and Hakka. All translation and production is done by people whose mother tongue is the language they are working in. This can be challenging, but God is good! TWR Canada has distributed over 2500 media players with the dramatized bible series, an audio Bible and 100 worship songs, in 12 provinces through 38 local partners who work directly with the UPGs. Programs are now being translated into Mongolian and TWR Canada will soon begin distribution through a local partnership in this language group.

In Nepal, TWR Canada is reaching out to the Kham Magar people. These people live in very remote and difficult to reach places in Northwestern Nepal. Kham language programs are being aired twice a week on two local FM stations and follow up is being done through six local church partnerships. The programs that are being aired are laying the ground work for church leaders who go to these towns to teach about the hope of Jesus. “The radio programs are opening the door and making it easy to reach out to people with the gospel.” In communities where very few people are Christians the programs provide isolated believers with a sense of fellowship. Some of these people live up to 24 hours walking distance from a local church. TWR volunteers and church partners have encouraged believers to gather together and form radio house churches. SD cards and radios are being distributed so that the Kham people can listen when it is convenient for them. Ten radio house churches have been formed. “Through your broadcast I have begun to know the true Creator and Saviour. I listen to your programs regularly. Listening not only gives me peace in leaving my old practices but other local Christians are teaching me more about Jesus.”  

These projects are made possible because of your commitment to our ministry. Your support will allow TWR Canada to continue reaching the unreached through media.

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