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The Way of Righteousness series is a collection of one hundred 15-minute programs, based upon the book of the same name, which clearly show the existence of God. This program journeys through the writings of the prophets to view God’s unalterable purpose throughout human history and to hear his timeless answer to the question: “How can we be righteous before God?”

The program is meant for younger adults from a non-Christian background in the 10/40 window, and is produced to help them realize that Jesus Christ is more than just a prophet – He is the Son of God and gave his life for our salvation. Through relaying the biblical narrative in a culturally sensitive, yet eye-opening way, the listener is given the opportunity to discover deeper truths that are not revealed in the writings of the predominant religion in their region.

The Way of Righteousness was originally produced in the Wolof language. TWR Canada has been involved in translating and producing the series in the Moore language (Burkina Faso), African English, Persian, and now Arabic and Nubi (Uganda). TWR Canada has also translated, produced and distributed The Way of Righteousness on media players in a restricted access country. The series can also be found online, in several languages. Learn more about The Way of Righteousness in Arabic and Nubi.

The Way of Righteousness provides the hope and truth of Jesus Christ to people who have not heard or have not understood this hope and truth before, in their heart language, and in a context which is familiar and easily understood.

One listener says: “Thank you for the great work done through your broadcast, and the effective ministry to help people come to Jesus and accept his salvation…I have come to know Jesus and accept him as Saviour through your radio broadcast.”

Your support of The Way of Righteousness allows for TWR Canada to continue translating, producing, and distributing the series to reach people who do not know the truth of Jesus.

Middle East; Uganda
Arabic; English; Moore; Nubi; Persian; Wolof