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In The Way of Righteousness series, listeners hear and learn the answer to the question “How can we be righteous before God?”. Throughout the one hundred 15-minute programs, the listener progresses through the writings of the prophets to see God’s plan and purpose through history, and to see how we can stand righteous before God. Familiar terminology and language serves to catch the listener’s attention in a way that is understandable to them. Learn more about The Way of Righteousness.

The Way of Righteousness series is being translated and produced into the Nubi language for the Nubian people in Uganda. In partnership with a local church, the series will be loaded onto MP3 players, and distributed to local families. The devices offer the flexibility for listeners to listen at their own convenience. They can return to past episodes, and can easily share the device with other people.

70% of the Nubian population in Uganda live below the poverty line. Most have received little or no formal schooling and most are unemployed. The Nubian people are mostly Muslim, intermingled with traditional animistic beliefs, and have little opportunity to hear the gospel.

Producing and distributing The Way of Righteousness for the Nubian people of Uganda will allow them to hear the gospel, and make a decision to come to Christ, as well as provide hope in the midst of extreme poverty.

By supporting The Way of Righteousness, you are helping TWR Canada to continue translating, producing and distributing the series to reach people who do not know God’s truth.