Roma Radio Broadcasts - Trans World Radio Canada

In 2009, the Roma people in the town of Prilep, Macedonia tuned into their first FM Christian radio program. Voice of Truth is a one-hour weekly program aimed at providing discipleship and encouragement in the heart language of the Roma people. These programs include Christian music (Romas, as an oral society, have a deep appreciation for music) and teaching from the Word of God. The Roma believers are very proud that they can listen to the program about the Bible and God in their homes, sharing the good news of salvation with their unbelieving neighbours. Though there were no Roma evangelical believers in Prilep 25 years ago, in the time TWR has aired programs, a church body has been built, and is alive and growing!


"When I was 15 years old a special Christmas service was held. I loved the atmosphere in the church. After attending the Christmas service, I started listening to the Voice of Truth. I wasn’t allowed to attend church because my parents were very strictly against it. Later I converted to Christianity, and wasn’t afraid to tell my parents and other family members that I became a Christian. My parents got really upset; they wanted to give up on me, even to throw me out of the house. But that did not happen. Often my Muslim friends mocked me, cursed me and spit on me on the street. I endured all of this because my heart truly accepted Christ. I received heavenly peace and joy. Now I serve in the church,  working with kids and teens and God is at work powerfully. Please pray with me for my parents and family, that they will soon find the real path."

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the Voice of Truth program would bear fruit in and around Prilep.
  • Pray for the team who produces this program and responds to the needs of listeners. They work tirelessly to identify the needs among the community and respond wisely for the sake of the gospel.