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Quebec father and daighter listen to programming outside


In Quebec less than one per cent of the population considers themselves to be evangelical Christians. TWR Canada and French-language media and follow up ministry Aujourd’hui l’Espoir are partnering to bring the gospel through media and on-the-ground ministry.

For 15 years, TWR Canada has been working with Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, reaching out to the people of Quebec with a message of hope. The ministry in Quebec is not easy, but we have seen how media can play a role in sharing the Gospel in a non-confrontational way. Many people will not walk through the door of a church but they will listen to a radio program, download a Christian program off the internet or watch a television program because it can all be done in privacy.  This has opened a door, making media a very effective tool for communicating to people who have a spiritual void in their lives, but don’t know how to fill that void.

Media has proven to be effective in many formats. The number of programs downloaded from our French websites increases every year. Our weekly television viewership has increased from 40,000 to over 300,000 people watching each week in Quebec City and Montreal alone! We continue to broadcast to southern Quebec through radio, and through pastors in our local church networks across the province, we have the privilege of doing many personal visits which are resulting in people committing their life to Christ.

Along with media partners, including The Peoples Church Toronto, Thru the Bible, Heralds of Hope and Hope for the Heart, TWR Canada is creating content to meet the need of the diverse population living in Quebec with programming that meets their needs on a spiritual level.