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  • Dec16Fri

    Trusting God For A Miracle

    December 16, 2016 by Project Hannah
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    It was going to take a miracle for her to get the medical treatment she needed.

    But this Balinese woman – let’s call her Sujatmi to protect her privacy – knew that her Saviour was in the business of miracles, and she focused all her hopes on him.

    It’s not that Sujatmi expected God to give her a care-free existence when she accepted Christ in 2004. In fact, that joyous turning point in her life brought disapproval, even hatred, from most of her extended family. If they didn’t insult and humiliate her, they simply ignored her. Her husband and two children were the only ones who seemed to care for her.

    On top of all the antagonism, she continued to struggle with a lengthy digestive ailment, leaving her deeply depressed. The year after she was saved, however, Sujatmi discovered the Indonesian version of Women of Hope on the radio. The practical life lessons of each broadcast, which often contain easy-to-understand information about basic health care, provided valuable insights into her own illness.

    Even more valuable was the concrete hope she discovered through the program that was created nearly two decades ago to share this critical truth with women around the world. She placed all her hopes, including the ones involving her health needs, in Jesus Christ.

    Patience and perseverance were essential because several years passed before Sujatmi was able to travel to a major city on the neighboring Indonesian island of Java to get the best treatment for her illness. There was still a major hurdle, though: the amount of money she had on hand to spend on the treatment was far short of what it actually cost.

    She asked the Lord to help her and then trusted completely in him, and that’s when the miracle she had sought for so long unfolded. An unidentified good Samaritan stepped forward and covered all the medical expenses, which came to more than three times the amount Sujatmi had in savings.

    Today Sujatmi is healthy, and she thoughtfully sends thanks for the ministry of TWR’s national partner and Women of Hope team in Indonesia. She is a living reflection of the power of hope and the power of the God who works miracles – she experienced both firsthand.