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  • Jul28Fri

    Testimonies About The Power Of Prayer

    July 28, 2017 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    A TWR Women of Hope Prayer Group in Mozambique
    A TWR Women of Hope Prayer Group in Mozambique

    We know God answers prayers in powerful ways. We wanted to share with you two testimonies from Africa about how the prayers of a woman and the TWR Women of Hope team completely changed two families.

    A Story Of “A Half”
    S. married into a pagan family. Everybody rejected, hated and mistreated her when she received Christ as her personal Saviour. Her husband stopped providing food for the family. He used to give her half a dollar to buy food for the family until everyone called her “a half.” She persevered in prayer and was much committed to the Lord.

    After some years, her husband damned her saying that she had left [their] religion. She continued to pray, and the children followed her and were saved. The brother of S. was a soldier. When S. was having problems with her husband, it made him mad, and he said that will come and kill her husband. S. kept praying for him and the whole family. God touched the heart of her brother, and he was saved.

    After S.’s parents died, the children decided to sell their inheritance so that each child got their due. S. engaged herself in commerce, and things went well. Then, after four years away, her husband came back. She received him, and he was humbled to see how well he was received after all he had done. S. introduced him to Christ, and today he is born again. Praise to our God! It really encouraged other women who are suffering in the same situation. – from our coordinator in Burundi

    Finding Peace in His Presence
    “My name is L. I was going to the church where all my neighbours were going. My purpose when I was going there was only to have a big family. I was not a believer.

    “TWR Women of Hope came to visit us. To me, they were from one of the non-governmental organizations that gave us something to help us in our poverty. After some time, I had problems with my family; I did not know how I could be a peace. My fellow sisters asked me to give all my problems to God. I said to that he didn’t come to me before. I [had been] a Christian for a long time, but I never felt his presence on me.

    “My sister advised me that I should look for him through prayer. I took more than one month until they said that they want to pray for my family. The one thing that I needed to do is to trust in my prayer. All that God needed to do in my life was to allow that trust. My life changed. I started to understand my mother-in-law; I started to see her as my mother. My husband became my best friend, and I felt God controlling my life. By this I came to you, my sisters, to thank you for your patience in showing me God’s power. My sister, now I feel that I am born again! Hallelujah!” – from a prayer group member in Mozambique