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  • Nov30Fri

    Story of Hope

    November 30, 2018 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    When women from a Zulu village in South Africa got together one day for their regular session of listening to Women of Hope, the program focused on problems caused by stress. Afterward, one of the new attendees told the other ladies that she had come that day because she was facing great stress. Martha’s* husband had died, and his relatives evicted her and her four children from the family property. In addition, the children didn’t have South African legal documents even though their father had been a citizen; the mother was from a neighbouring country.

    The ladies of the group began praying for Martha, but the troubles seemed to grow. The schools threatened to expel the children because they didn’t have proper legal documents. Still, the intercessors called on the Lord. In his wisdom and timing, God answered their prayers. Martha’s family built a two-room house for her and the kids. This act of kindness bolstered the entire family’s sense of dignity. And then the schools gave extended a grace period to allow for the children’s legal documents to be sorted out.

    This TWR Women of Hope group saw the power of prayer firsthand. The experience motivated the members to keep praying for each other, their families and the community.

    * not her real name; picture not actual woman in testimony