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    The Most Unwanted

    April 28, 2017 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Roma Settlement
    Roma Settlement

    “They are the most unwanted people group in Europe.”

    Can you imagine being referred to like that? The most unwanted … These are the words of TWR’s former Vice President of Global Operations, Werner Kroemer, and he is referring to the Roma (or Romani) people in Europe. So who are they? And why are they so unwanted?

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    They are very poor, and their rate of unemployment is several times higher than the general population. Their housing conditions are far from ideal, and they often struggle simply to survive. This forces many Romani children to drop out of school early continuing the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Without an education, they not only lack basic academic skills, but they don’t learn about issues such as health and hygiene, or interacting well in relationships.

    TWR's partner in Albania feels a special burden for this people group within their country, and since 2008 has been reaching out with Women of Hope programs uniquely designed for Roma women. In addition to regular Women of Hope programs, there is a daily, 10-minute prayer calendar program aired. Through these media outreaches, Roma women learn basic life lessons, things they may never have the opportunity to learn otherwise. As well, they are introduced to Jesus Christ, the one who has the solution for their problems.

    Read here for testimonies showing the impact of this powerful ministry!

    Listener Testimonies

    Learning from the radio …
    “I am a regular listener of radio…I really thank God that He found me. We live in a very poor economic situation. Your Women of Hope program has taught me how to take care of my health. I come from the Roma community, and we do not have proper education. I have learned many new and practical things. Thank you very much.”   

    Radio paved the way to go to school … “I come from a Roma family. As you may have heard, the girls in the Roma community marry very young. The same happened to me. I married last year. I am thankful to the Lord that my husband is also a Christian, and we both serve the Lord. My mom is a Christian, and she brought us up in the church. We grew up with the desire to know the Lord and to continue with school.

    “My mom didn’t really have a profession. She used to listen to your Roma Women of Hope program and still does. She has learned a lot through your program, and one of the things she has learned is the importance of education for children. Her greatest desire was that I continue school. In our community, most of the children do not go to school. After finishing the 9-year school, my mom insisted that I continue the studies for foreign language. I finished high school for English, and I’m very happy I finished it. Thank you for all of your programs.”

    Practical lessons are very important … “The program Women of Hope is vital! We work with [Roma people], and this program is really important for us. Some teenage girls and new moms are rarely allowed out of the house so transmitting it into their homes is great. The spiritual lessons have eternal worth, and yet the practical lessons that accompany them are very important as little schooling and no books perpetuates traditional methods being handed down over the years that have no value. For instance, if a child has a temperature, they pile more blankets on to it, when the opposite needs to be happening. Thank you! May the Lord continue to richly bless you in your service for Him.”

    Seeing beauty in the midst of poverty … “I [am from] a very poor family, and I have had a very hard life. Then I got married and my life became even more difficult. The children came, and I had a tremendous responsibility to take care of them and to find money for food and clothes. Since I didn’t have school, I didn’t have a profession either. I had to go to collect bottles or cans so I can earn some money.

    “Someone told me about a church and when we can find peace. I began going to that church. I found peace, and I began to pray. I was curious to know more about God. After some time, somebody told me about your Women of Hope program in the Roma language. The program that has remained in my heart is one program that talked about the beautiful woman–how God sees the woman and how we should act like a godly woman. I was touched by the way God sees us as beautiful creatures. I have never been told that I was beautiful. Thank you for encouraging us through your programs. I pray that many women would hear such programs and will be built up in His Word. God bless you.”

    Radio programs are a great help … “For different reasons, my family didn’t allow me to go to school. I do not know how to write or read. God has taken good care of me and my family. I began to go to a church. I have been touched by the words of the pastor at Christmas. I never thought that my sins would be forgiven through Jesus. I thank God for his unconditional love. Radio programs have been a great help for me these months. It is great when someone tells you stories from the Word of God.”