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    Programming that Breaks Through Strongholds and Proclaims Jesus

    September 21, 2018 By Colleen Shoemaker
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    TWR Women of Hope

    “If I had known how to feed my baby, she wouldn’t have died.”

    This was one of the first testimonies I ever read from a Women of Hope listener, and I was stunned. How did that happen? How could such a seemingly simple thing result in this baby’s death?

    That testimony stayed in my thoughts and has become a powerful reminder to me that we have a life-giving message to offer, not only in terms of physical life but also spiritual life. We not only teach women practical lessons about hygiene and medicine, relationships and raising children, we also teach them the power of God’s love as taught in his Word.

    As a friend of TWR Women of Hope, you know in many countries women are treated as objects, often not even being given the status of a human being. In some cases, they are repeatedly told they are inferior, stupid, shameful. In others, they are violently abused and broken. The message is the same: they are worthless. And this is so wrong.

    I believe God’s heart breaks over this treatment of each one of his precious creations; after all, his Word is clear that he loves all his creation. It’s his love that breaks through the oppression and darkness surrounding so many women culturally, spiritually and emotionally, and it’s his love alone that brings hope and healing. This is the message of TWR Women of Hope’s powerful media outreach, and it is breaking strongholds, addressing cultural issues and sharing the truth about a relationship with Jesus.

    You are probably most familiar with our Women of Hope program. It is our original project and now spans several hundred episodes. The program consists of a blend of interviews, testimonies, audio dramas, Bible studies and music that are built into a “life” (practical) and a “soul” (spiritual) component. These programs are produced locally, and volunteers from local churches or TWR Women of Hope community teams provide follow-up help.

    But did you know that we offer more than our signature Women of Hope broadcasts? Here’s what it looks like.

    In partnership with European Freedom Network, TWR Women of Hope has developed an audio drama, Hidden Treasures, that addresses the unique needs of women who are involved in sex trafficking. This program is not aired on the radio but distributed through partnering organizations in Europe. And in Ethiopia, the Healing Voice program addresses the issue of fistula, a childbirth injury that if left untreated can leave a woman ostracized from her community.

    In 2007, The Jesus Film Project released Magdalena: Released from Shame, and TWR Women of Hope was given a unique opportunity to transform the story into an audio drama series. This series, Portraits of Hope, uses Mary Magdalene’s story and interactions with Jesus to show how Jesus values women.

    Finally, we are excited to share Discipleship Training for Women, a new pilot program being done in partnership with TWR Women of Hope and TWR Canada. Building on TWR Women of Hope’s legacy of evangelistic programming, we are creating programs that take listeners deeper in their faith and equip them to reach others with the transformative power of Christ. Through the programs, they will also be directed to our Canadian-developed, intensive discipleship program, Discipleship Essentials, as an additional resource. 

    Only in Christ is there the power to provide sustainable change and lasting hope in the lives of women, in the lives of their children and families, in the lives of those in their communities, and ultimately, in their cultures. We have a unique opportunity to make a profound impact on women worldwide.

    TWR Canada supports specific Women of Hope ministries, reaching women in their heart languages of Bambara, Farsi, French, Low German, Makhuwa, Portuguese and Umbundu. To maintain our ministry commitments for 2018 and 2019, we need an additional $25,000 for each year.

    We would love to hear from you. God is using TWR Women of Hope programming to bring real change to the hearts and minds of women worldwide. Your compassion, expressed through your generosity, will ensure we can continue to speak the truth of God’s redeeming message.

    Will you join us and be part of what the Lord is doing to bring women the life-giving message of Jesus through TWR Canada?

    With gratitude for your partnership,

    Colleen Shoemaker
    Women’s Ministry Coordinator, TWR Canada

    P.S. You can give by calling us at our toll-free number (1-888-672-6510), or online here.