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  • Oct5Fri

    Praying Against Violence

    October 5, 2018 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    Issues Women Face
    As we continue praying for women in Latin America and the Caribbean, we recognize that violence and crime are significant challenges here.

    Many mothers fear their children will be forced to join gangs. In the very small country of El Salvador, 500,000 are involved in gangs, contributing to the world’s highest murder rate for people under the age of 19. Girls are targeted at an early age, either to be sexually abused, to become a gang member or to be forced into becoming a sex slave. Gang members take revenge on rivals through the rape and murder of their sisters and daughters.

    Several Caribbean and Latin American nations have been labeled “major illicit drug-producing and/or drug-transit countries,” leading to violence, extortion and corruption that contribute to the economic crises in the region. Millions have fled less stable countries in the region seeking safety and a better life in Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay or even the United States and Europe.

    May the Lord be merciful and bring his hope into this darkness.