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  • Aug12Fri

    Never Alone

    August 12, 2022 By Grace Kwon
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    TWR Women of Hope, TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    Hello, my name is Grace. I have known for decades about TWR as a gospel media organization with a global reach. But my introduction to TWR Women of Hope really began when my close friend became their national coordinator for Japan. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to come alongside her as a volunteer, helping with the translation of radio program scripts and the Japanese prayer calendar. 

    I grew up in a solid Christian home, received a Christian education, and knew something about the spiritual condition of our world. But it wasn’t until I was translating the prayer calendar that I saw how serious and widespread mankind’s problems are. My life seemed so easy compared to what I read about in the prayer calendar, and I chose to no longer panic over little things in my life. I began to pray hard for the world and those around me, realizing how much everyone needs prayer.

    Although I grew up in a good environment, and even have a believing husband, my family problems recently overwhelmed me. I was filled with deep sorrow and did not know what to do. Just then I was reading through one of the Women of Hope radio program scripts and I saw the biblical, wisdom-filled advice for women. The program was warm and full of God's love, and the truth was conveyed in a gentle and easy-to-understand manner. "I am not alone in suffering,” I felt as I read the script. “God will have mercy on me and help his people." I was once again reassured! I received renewed hope, joy and courage in God for myself and my friends. Even if my problem itself is not resolved, I was given much peace and wisdom to choose the Lord's way in even small matters. I am so grateful to the Lord for this organization, the faithful intercessors who pray day and night and for the workers who spread the gospel message.