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  • Oct23Fri

    Providing Hope for Survivors

    October 23, 2020 by the TWR Women's Ministry Team
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    Did you know that slavery is more prevalent today than ever before? In fact, there are more than 40 million people in slavery today, which is more than ever before in human history. It is an industry that generates $150 billion annually.[1]

    Slavery is the recruitment, control and trade of human beings for their bodies and for their labour. “Through force, fraud, and coercion, people everywhere are being bought and sold against their will.”[2]

    Human trafficking disproportionally affects women and girls, and they make up 96 per cent of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.[3] Traffickers look for those who are the most vulnerable and thus easiest to exploit. In many countries, women are not seen as equals, are afforded fewer opportunities and are paid less for their work, making them vulnerable to recruitment by traffickers. The most common method traffickers use to recruit victims is by offering a false job.

    Imagine this: you, a young woman, apply for a serving job that sounds great. It’s far from home, but it’s just what you need to get back on your feet and start acquiring savings for your future. You take the job. When you show up to the location given to you, you are forced to strip naked for your boss — thus beginning a life of physical and mental torture. You were deceived and now trapped by your traffickers. You learn that to survive, you must do whatever your traffickers tell you to. They are also threatening to harm your friends and family if you leave. They have convinced you that you are worthless, and you believe that even if you did manage to escape, you would not be able to rebuild your life.

    But human trafficking isn’t a problem for developed countries like Canada, right? Wrong. It happens here too.

    • Nearly all (97 per cent) victims of police-reported human trafficking were women and girls, and 74 per cent of all victims were under the age of 25.[4]
    • The majority (92 per cent) of victims of human trafficking knew the person accused of trafficking them.[5]

    Women who have been trafficked for sex have been forced into dark and dangerous situations to be used and abused for a profit. This can leave them feeling isolated, depressed, unworthy and unloved. These women desperately need to know the love of a Saviour that is strong enough to heal the horrific emotional wounds given to them from sex traffickers.   

    TWR Women of Hope is equipping the Church around the world to give counsel and biblical care to women who may have been trafficked and now experience fear, a lack of self-worth, rejection and anger, so they can find freedom, healing and a full life in Christ. We offer the drama series, Hidden Treasures, which addresses the unique needs of women who are captured in sex trafficking.  

    Please join us in prayer for the women and girls here in Canada and around the world who are caught in human trafficking. Pray that they will be able to escape bondage and that their perpetrators will be brought to justice.