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    Facing Life's Trials With Confidence

    November 25, 2016 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Amisha's Story

    Followers of Jesus Christ aren’t guaranteed trouble-free lives. But the Scriptures do promise that God will walk beside them through those troubles and that ultimately he will fulfill his perfect plans for their lives and for all creation.

    This is what hope is all about – the strong and confident expectation that the Lord is all-powerful, that he loves his people and that he will bring about what is best for them. It’s the underlying theme of every episode of Women of Hope and has become a defining characteristic in the life of Amisha, who listens to the broadcast in the Gujarati language of west India.

    Amisha (not her real name) grew up in a non-Christian family and became a farmer alongside her husband. For a long time, the couple weren’t able to have children, and the social stigma resulted in ill treatment and disrespect of Amisha from her husband and the community.

    Life was anything but easy, she admits, with her husband drinking every day and coming home to abuse her. “I can only remember feeling depressed and nothing else,” Amisha said.

    But then she learned about Women of Hope through a program guide and listened to a broadcast at a friend’s house. The message drew her in, and she began listening regularly. One time she heard the speaker say that the Lord is our caretaker.

    “This broke me down,” she recalled. “I had to live on the defensive all my adult life. I was tired and torn down. The very news that God himself will take care of me if only I ask was life to me. I surrendered to Jesus at that very instant. My peace, joy, and hope now came only from Christ. And they were real, pure, and eternal.”

    The change in her life was real and significant. She joined a women’s prayer group, which became her support system, as is so often the case in these Project Hannah intercessory groups around the world.

    Despite her husband’s obvious faults, Amisha strove to apply what she learned from the Bible and become a better wife. Before long, she saw a welcome change in her husband. He stopped drinking and abusing her. No doubt about it, their once-miserable marriage had improved.

    Life still has its challenges, of course. But Amisha faces those challenges today with a confident assurance that God is in charge.

    “We are still barren,” she said, “but we continue to pray and hope for a miracle.”

    This article first appeared in Hannah's Heartbeat Volume 19, Number 3

    **Photo used is not Amisha**