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  • Feb22Fri

    Bringing Change in Society

    February 22, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team

    Like many women in northern India, Anju* knelt before gods and goddesses, praying for her life to improve. When she found no peace, she tried to kill herself. Thankfully, Anju survived, and her sister came to visit her.

    Anju’s sister was a Christian and introduced Anju to TWR. In TWR’s radio programs, Anju began to find answers. When she called the number given in the programs, counselors were waiting to help her.

    “TWR programs changed my life,” Anju writes. “And helped me know the true Saviour. I accepted Jesus as my Lord. I started reading the Bible my sister gave me, and I was baptized. The Women of Hope program encouraged me, and God filled me with strength in difficulty. My sister, who sowed the seed in me, died after a time. My in-laws and husband discouraged me, but I did not leave my Lord. They told me not to fellowship with believers, read my Bible or share Christ with other women.”

    Then one night, Anju’s husband suffered from severe back pain. Lying in bed, he heard a voice saying, “My son, do not worry about yourself. Everything will be OK.” In the morning, his pain was gone. That voice was Jesus’, Anju told her husband, explaining that she had been praying for him. After that, he stopped preventing her from sharing the gospel. Though there is no church in her village, Anju leads a Sunday fellowship of those with whom she’s shared the gospel.

    Anju writes, “Women of Hope gives me information that is very helpful to village women, because we are not aware of matters we need to know. It helps me to guide women and tell them about diseases, cleanliness and other issues. This program can bring change in the lives of women, and that can change society.”

    (*Originally published in “The Heartbeat,” Volume 21, No 2. Picture not actual woman in testimony; name changed for privacy.)