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  • May24Fri

    A Cry for Help: Worse than an Animal

    May 24, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team

    I’m twice divorced at 27. Each marriage was forced, the first by my parents when I was only 14 to a drunkard of a man 40 years older than me. He had children from his prior marriage and wanted none from me, but that did not stop him from raping me whenever he wanted. I was powerless to stop him, and although his family had to carry me to the hospital more than once, they told me to keep quiet. And for two years of this misery I did, until I caught him cheating and confronted his family. They threw me out of their house, and I was divorced.

    I returned to my parents, who quickly married me off again to escape the shame I had brought on the family. When I developed a rash that took months to heal, my new husband became disgusted and abandoned me. Once more, I returned home, once more to blame, once more a cause for shame, treated like a slave and a prisoner. I can’t even leave the house without my mother. No one hears me or wants to listen.

    Alone with my phone, I found your Arabic Women of Hope post about self-worth. I want to feel like a human. I want to love and be loved. But I feel I am nothing but a tool, used by everyone and then thrown away. Why am I even here on this Earth? Why do I need to be deprived of even the smallest rights? Tell me, what is my worth? You say I have worth in God’s eyes. If that’s true, why am I treated worse than an animal?

    (originally published in “The Heartbeat” Vol. 21 No. 3; Picture not actual woman in testimony)