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    4 Principles For Mentoring and Leadership Development For Women

    May 19, 2017 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Issues Women Face
    I came to follow Christ later in life, but I have had a series of mentors and coaches in my life whose influence has been invaluable. There are a few key principles I think of when I think about mentoring and leadership development.

    1. Mentoring is effective when we are able to see the value in hearing another’s perspective, in learning from someone who’s already walked your path ahead of you. It works if we don’t put any parameters on what mentoring should look like or how it should be structured. For example, you could really miss a good opportunity to learn from someone because that other person doesn’t look like you, doesn’t dress like you, or have the same life as you. Mentoring is having an openness in your heart to learn and a willingness to learn how to learn from others.

    2. Mentoring teaches us to learn from one another. Whatever the goal or structure, or lack of, mentoring is basically saying, I’m interested in learning from you and seeing the places that we can connect and grow.  We can also have more than one mentor and some of our mentors may be the authors we read.

    My first mentor and spiritual mom met me right where I was when we started talking. She listened and responded to my questions instead of reacting to my problems. To this day, I learn a lot more from her than she learns from me. In addition, I’m in a peer mentoring group where I can talk about my fears and challenges in ministry with those walking the same road I am.

    Your life becomes so much fuller when you invest in others and let them invest in you. It’s OK for it to look different than what someone else is doing. You don’t want to make it seem like there’s only one way you can do mentoring. Both people need to feel safe for the mentoring relationship to work.

    3. Mentoring is about learning how to learn from each other and finding a passion to pass on to others. I started a small group recently at the TWR offices in Cary, NC. There’s some young women in the office and I just wanted to get to know them and learn what they’re passionate about. It’s been neat getting to know these women. We’re mentoring each other. We’re walking alongside one another. I think that builds great leaders.

    4. Mentoring teaches you to learn how to lead well as you are walking alongside other leaders. I have leadership mentors and coaches I work with and I coach others, but it’s all about learning from each other. The disciples learned from Jesus -- not just from his words but by following him and watching him and answering his questions.

    Your life becomes fuller when you invest in others and let them invest in you.

    Dr Peggy Banks
    Global Ministry Director, TWR Women of Hope