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    2 Nobodies You Need To Meet

    March 24, 2017 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Devotional, Women of the Bible

    2 Nobodies Jesus Didn’t Pass By

    Some of the most compelling stories of women in the Bible are short and easy to pass over. These women are often not even named. These are not the faith warriors mentioned in Hebrews 11; they often lived in poverty, were desperate, and remained in plain view but were never noticed. But Jesus saw them.

    Jesus saw their pain, their daily struggles and triumphs. Jesus doesn’t only see those who are influential, powerful, or well-spoken.


    The Widow of Nain

    Jesus was in Capernaum where he healed a Centurion’s slave. The next day, he happens upon a funeral procession – a widow trails the mourning party for her only son. Christ had compassion for the woman and tells her, ‘Do not weep.’ A childless widow would have had no means to provide for herself. She would have been penniless and utterly alone, dependent on the good will of villagers to provide for her. Jesus raises her son from the dead.

    Luke wrote, “And Jesus gave him back to his mother” Luke 7:15.

    The Woman Bent Over

    Jesus is teaching in the Synagogue (on the Sabbath) and at the back sees a woman bent over double – she couldn’t straighten up. He calls her forward, puts his hands on her, and heals her. The leader of the Synagogue is furious that Christ performed a miracle (did work) on the Sabbath. Christ rebukes the leader and calls the healed woman “a daughter of Abraham.”

    Nowhere else is this phrase used in the New Testament. Christ is not only saying this woman is worth as much attention and care as a man gives his livestock (they would rescue a stranded goat or cow on the Sabbath for instance), but she’s a legitimate
    heir of the covenant.

    She’s just quietly worshipping in the way allowed to her – not drawing attention to herself. Christ SEES her. He offers her respect when others passed by without notice or care. God sees the small, quiet acts of faithful living. (Luke 13)

    From the March 2017 Prayer Calendar

    27.    Women who feel rejected by their churches because of restrictions on women in ministry. Pray that these women will continue to be faithful to God’s calling on their lives even if they can’t hold the title or receive the recognition that men receive.

    31.    Women to experience the true joy that comes from praising God in the midst of pain and desperation. Pray also for women who are experiencing anguish or depression and not able to pray.

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