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In the early days of our ministry in Quebec, it was hard getting people to come to church to hear the Gospel, but there was one thing that worked for Marcel Perron, former director of our French-language partner Aujourd'hui l'Espoir - a breakfast event.It is a tradition for many Quebecois to enjoy breakfast on Saturday morning with family and friends in a neighbourhood restaurant, so Breakfasts of Hope were born. Marcel would bring a group together, have some local music and have someone share their testimony. From this small beginning, Aujourd’hui l’espoir’s (Hope for Today’s) ministry was born.  Fifteen years ago TWR Canada had a vision to reach the province with the gospel using media, and a partnership with this French-language organization was born. Today, Aujourd’hui l’espoir plays a major role in bringing the evangelical church together in a variety of ways to reach the province of Quebec with the gospel.

The Church in Quebec recently shared their appreciation for the role Aujourd’hui l’espoir has played in bringing the Church together in Quebec. Many have believers in their churches as a result of the ministry.

TWR Canada uses conventional radio, the internet, and television to reach out to the province on a daily basis. This is made possible through donors and ministry partners who have a common vision for the people of Quebec. Many of the translation, production, and internet costs of this ministry are covered by our media partners (including The Peoples Church Toronto, Thru the Bible, Heralds of Hope and Hope for the Heart), but this is only a portion of the overall cost.

Broadcasting the radio programs on local stations and airing original television programming is expensive, but media plays a vital role in reaching the province of Quebec with the message of hope. Please help us continue to reach people by radio, television, the internet, and mobile devices.

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