As a media ministry, this is an exciting time to be involved in media! Media technology is constantly changing and growing more affordable, portable and accessible. With the use of media players, such as the solar-powered ImpaX device from our partner organization Galcom International, USB drives, SD cards, MicroSD cards and mobile apps, we are able to deliver the truth of God to those who desperately need to hear it. As well, TWR360 (website and mobile app) plays an important role in distributing content such as Discipleship Essentials, TWR Women of Hope, and The Way of Righteousness.

We choose the content for the portable media devices based on the needs of the partner distributing the devices, but try to include programming for the whole family, where possible. This content includes:

  • An audio Bible in their heart language - if the full Bible is unavailable, we use the New Testament
  • Bible Study Resources
  • Discipleship Essentials – a library of discipleship resources in 18 themed modules
  • TWR Women of Hope – programming designed to bring hope to women around the world and across generations
  • Children's programming

If you or your church is going on a missions trip and would like to take content on portable media devices to distribute, please contact us!

TWR Canada is also involved in projects around the world with specific content for specific people groups loaded onto portable media devices. These projects include:

  • Radio Home Groups - Radio Home Kits contain resources for house churches to grow in their faith and understand God's Word in a deeper way in India and Bangladesh
  • The Way of Righteousness – in the Nubi language (Uganda), the series will be loaded onto media players and distributed to the Nubi people. In Arabic, the series is distributed through the TWR Arabic app
  • SOTA - the SOTA material can be distributed to students on media players, mp3 players and USBs
  • Your Quest For God Audio Book - the now-complete audio book will be distributed via portable media devices
  • Persian Portable Media - due to persecution in the Persian-speaking World, it is dangerous to distribute portable media. When we are able to distribute portable media devices, our national workers distribute content for Persian believers

Your gift to Portable Media Devices will fund the distribution of portable media devices, containing content such as the programming listed above, around the world.