Persian Online Ministry - Trans World Radio Canada

In the Persian-speaking world, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible for missionaries to work inside the country. Christian materials are very difficult to find, and being caught with them in your possession could bring persecution, prosecution, or worse.

In 2013, TWR Canada launched a website making the radio broadcasts available for download, and also offering books, tracts, worship music, and Christian sermons for download. TWR Canada has distributed physical Christian materials and Bibles to Iranians for many years, but due to a recent increase in persecution, we have limited our efforts temporarily. Instead, we are focusing on providing this content via social media and the Internet. As well, with an increase in the reach and popularity of the online ministry, we have ended our shortwave radio broadcasts and are focusing on web radio and social media.

The most popular social media are all being used, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. On Facebook alone, we have over 20,000 'likes', and receive approximately 55 comments or messages daily. On each of the social media accounts, all comments and messages are responded to daily.


"I am a surgeon. After a long period of research, I learned the truth of the Bible. Your website and Facebook helped me a lot. God bless you."

"I came to Christ a few years ago. I love to serve the Lord. God gave me this life and I want to use my life and time only for his glory. I am even willing to die for Jesus. Can you help me to serve him in a better way? I try to share the good news with everyone around me, but I am hoping to find a way so my work can be more fruitful. I try to introduce your programs to everyone I know. Thanks for making the radio programs available to download. I love all the worship music you are sing in the programs."

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for those who engage with the social media content, that they would hear God's truth and believe.
  • Pray for those who are responding to the comments and messages daily.

Your gift covers the cost of producing content for social media, follow up work by our national workers and the costs associated with web radio.