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Persian Ministry


The Persian-speaking world is a Muslim-majority society where Christianity is suppressed and Christians are persecuted. Christians continue to meet in secret even as their pastors and leaders are forced to flee.

Evangelical churches no longer exist. Bibles are burned, converts threatened with death, Christian websites for Persian-speaking people are blocked or shut-down, and radio signals blocked. But Jesus continues to build his Church.

TWR Canada ministers in the Persian-speaking world in several ways:

Christian Radio

TWR Canada funds and broadcasts a daily Christian radio program into Iran. Together with the Voice of Christ Media Ministries, Words of Hope, and other organizations, TWR Canada broadcasts one hour daily on short wave radio, and 24/7 on satellite radio and Internet.

Internet/Websites is a website where people can read books and tracts, and listen to sermons and Christian worship music. Listeners are encouraged to correspond with and speak to spiritual mentors.

Discipleship Conferences

For believers in the Middle East, meeting with other believers, getting baptized and learning biblical truths are difficult and potentially dangerous activities. For those who are eager to learn and be discipled, TWR Canada provides opportunities to attend week-long conferences in a secure location outside their home country.

TWR Women of Hope

TWR Canada funds TWR Women of Hope broadcasts in Persian, the primary spoken language in Iran. 

Discipleship Essentials is being translated and produced in Persian.  This video, audio, and text training resource will be used to reach believers in these closed regions where study materials and trained leaders are difficult to find.

**Because of the sensitive nature of this region, we cannot divulge all aspects of our ministry in this area without putting believers at risk.**

Changed Lives

In the name of God I am writing this letter to thank you dear people for what you are doing. Your programs are very good and have caused me to think about spiritual things. I am not a spiritual person, but rather a normal Iranian boy thinking about how I can survive. At the same time, every night when I listen to your program, it seems as if I receive water to quench my thirsty soul."

"...I want to sincerely thank you for your programs. Because of them, I have come to know the Lord and just had the privilege to be baptized. I praise God for the privilege of knowing Him. As long as I live I will not forget that it was your programs that planted the seed in my heart."