Mandarin Children's Stories - Trans World Radio Canada

TWR Canada’s China Ministry team is spearheading a program to translate a series of biblical children’s stories into Mandarin. These stories are being produced as ebooks in five different formats for mobile and desktop as well as accompanying downloadable audio books. This project is expected to be complete by early 2018. Long term, the stories will also be available through an app for tablets.

The children’s stories from Bible Stories Alive written by the late Mrs. G. have previously been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Rumanian, Norwegian, Khmer, Nepali, Amharic, and Russian. These books follow various people of the Bible from Adam & Eve, Jacob, Joseph, Ruth, and Hannah from the Old Testament to nearly 20 stories about Jesus, and more about other New Testament people such as the Apostles Peter and Paul.

TWR Canada is also working on translating and producing these stories into Arabic and Persian with similar ebook and audio file formats.

Field testing of the content will begin in China in fall 2016 with ten of the 40 books. Early feedback suggests that rural churches and families struggle to access the online content as they don’t have reliable internet access or mobile devices. A future goal is to add this content to a portable media device that families can have in their homes and share with friends and neighbours.

These stories are being made available online at as they are ready. This website (in Chinese) has more details.