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Listen to TWR Women of Hope

Our namesake program, Women of Hope, has discipled and counseled countless women around the world.

"...your radio programs are like fresh water when it is warm midday in a desert. Me and my friends have planned so that we come together to listen to your programs... Praise the Lord!" - Sister in Iran

Women of Hope was the first program that TWR Women of Hope produced. The purpose behind the program was to reach the whole woman with the transformative hope found only in Jesus.

Many women around the world are unable to get an education and are illiterate. This is why an audio program is the perfect tool to reach them. Women can listen to the programs while they go about their day and don't need to be able to read or attend classes.

Since the first broadcast twenty years ago, the Women of Hope program has grown to include 70+ languages. Responses have flooded in from many languages, and even men have written in to share how the program taught them how to care for their wives, sisters and mothers.

The structure of the 30-minute program is designed with two components: spiritual and practical. Two or three women chat about a life-issue, such as caring for elderly parents, cooking nutritious meals or postpartum depression. After a brief interlude of music, the hosts share a devotional from Scripture. This simple formula has proven to be approachable and appreciated by many of the Women of Hope listeners.