The Kham Magar evangelistic program is a 15-minute gospel program in the Kham Magar language of Nepal. It is broadcast twice a week from two FM stations, and includes direct gospel presentations, stories, dramatizations and cultural music and songs. The program reaches around 62,500 Kham Magar people.

TWR Nepal has a follow-up ministry, as well. The Kham Magar people live in a remote and isolated mountainous region, and it can take days to reach them on foot. But TWR Nepal is committed to visiting the Kham Magar people, to share resources with them, in order to help their faith grow. As a result of this program, TWR Nepal has formed two Radio Bible Homes, where Kham Magar believers gather to learn God’s Word together, using SD card media players.


“I have been listening regularly to the Kham Magar programs since its inception. I have not missed the program so far. I also encourage others to listen to this program. I am really excited to listen to this program because it is so meaningful and effective in helping me to walk with Christ. I can also share the gospel with others. I pray and hope that this program would change thousands of people in our society who are under darkness and bondage of the devil."

“I am a regular listener of the Kham Magar program. I have found what is the most important thing in life in this program. Even though I am non-Christian, I am learning about the true God in my own language. I like this program very much. I started to like Jesus. My previous and past perspective on Jesus is gradually changing. In the past, in my ignorance, I did not like Christianity and Jesus at all. In fact, I used to hate to Christians. Now, my eyes are starting to see the truth.”

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the teams travelling to visit the Kham Magar people. Pray for safety and strength as they travel through the mountains for days at a time.
  • Pray for the Kham Magar, that they would understand God’s truth.

Your gift to the Kham Magar Evangelistic Programming will go towards reaching the Kham Magar people of Nepal with gospel.