TWR India has taken the concept of church home groups and adapted that into listener groups called Radio Home Groups. A Radio Home Group has 7-10 people who gather regularly to study the Word of God, and fellowship with believers and seekers. Using a Radio Home Kit, the group meets once a week to discuss an audio Bible study (from Thru the Bible) in their heart language. A Radio Home Kit consists of a digital player and a SD card containing the audio Bible study content and discussion notes.

TWR Canada has funded 1500 Radio Home Kits, to match TWR India’s 1500 Radio Home Kits. Out of a total of 3000 Radio Home Kits to be distributed to Radio Home Groups waiting for a kit, over 1600 kits have been distributed.


“Our Radio Home Group has been blessed by listening to the systematic teaching of the Word of God. It is incredible to get such powerful information from a small device. I, personally, have received Christ because of listening to your programs through these players.”

“We have seven people in our group. Recently, two people have joined. I thank the Lord for enabling our group to grow through listening to the Word because of the Radio Home Kits you have provided us with. This has made worshipping together easier for folks like us who live in rural villages by having access to solid Bible study materials!”

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Radio Home kits to be distributed to Radio Home Groups who need them.
  • Pray for the Radio Home Groups, that each person would grow in faith and in their understanding of God’s Word.

By giving to the India Radio Homes, you are contributing to the distribution of Radio Home Kits to Radio Home Groups in India who are waiting to receive a kit.