Evangelism Programming - Trans World Radio Canada

Since the beginning, TWR’s calling has been to use mass media to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world so that lasting fruit is produced. Though the ministry has expanded, and mass media is constantly changing, the vision has remained unchanged: we continue to introduce and lead people to Christ through media. At TWR Canada, evangelism to disadvantaged communities affected by conflict, crisis, and a lack of Christian influence is a key focus.

Using the most relevant media technology applicable to each situation, we are proclaiming the gospel around the globe! Check out some of our evangelism-focused projects: 

  • Broadcasting in Burundi - three highly-requested weekly programs in central Africa, called Good News for All, Jesus is the Answer and The Way of Righteousness
  • Messages of Faith and Hope - a five-minute daily devotional produced in Havana for Cubans
  • The Way of Righteousness - a series of programs produced in Arabic, Kirundi (Burundi) and Nubi (Uganda), teaching the key stories and messages of the prophets, each pointing to Jesus
  • Gospel programming for the Persian-speaking world
  • Aujourd’hui l’Espoir - French radio, television and Internet ministry in Quebec
  • The Prophets – a series based on the lives of the prophets, using language familiar to Muslims, to point to Jesus, produced specifically for the Senufo people in west Africa
  • Kham Magar Evangelism Programming – a radio program for the Kham Magar people of Nepal, who live in an isolated, mountainous region
  • TWR MOTION – includes a visual narrative which uses captivating animations and specially composed music to present the gospel in an unwritten Arabic dialect

By giving to Evangelism Programming, you are assisting in reaching people around the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.