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Discipleship Essentials

DE group discusses verses from Scripture


A Media-Assisted Discipleship Tool

Discipleship Essentials (DE) is a tool for individuals, lay leaders, and churches to use in their existing discipleship efforts and ministries. Discipleship Essentials is a multilingual discipleship content library available online for free. Each lesson contains a video, Leader's Guide, Study Guide, and a text summary/devotional. DE does not impose systems, templates or timelines but rather complements and will adapt to your existing discipleship efforts.

The Need

Around the world, but especially in areas of great poverty or persecution, congregations need to challenge themselves to learn and study the Bible for themselves. Instead of repeating what they've heard their pastor say, believers need to be able to articulate their faith in their own words.

Leaders are seeing the persecution of Christians increasing around the world and know their people are not prepared. Their people say they believe in Jesus, but leaders see no evidence of this. They need a tool to train people in the basics (discipleship) and help them to engage with and give a defense for their faith.

Pastors don't know where to start.

“Our goal is to facilitate a mature base of trained disciples who impact church, community, and nations for Christ.”
McDaniel Phillips, Discipleship Essentials Ministry Director

Language Development

Discipleship Essentials is available for free online in English, French, Arabic and Hindi. Languages soon to be available include Bengali and Urdu. Other languages (Amharic, Cebuano, Farsi, Mandarin, Russian and Vietnamese) are also under development for initial (partial) release in 2016 and 2017.

DE will be developed in other languages as funds allow.

Translation & Production

Discipleship Essentials was produced in English first and all other translations are based on the English lessons. Translation and contextualization are done by people who speak that language natively. 

During or following the translation process, production teams put together scripts, then record an 8-10 minute video for each lesson.  The video is presented in a "dramatized teaching" format, and is intended to be used as a conversation starter for groups, to get people thinking about the topic.

Your donation to Discipleship Essentials will be used to fund translation, production, training sessions to train leaders in how to use DE effectively and to support our on-the-ground partners who follow up with training session participants and support church leaders as they work to use DE in their ministry activities.