Around the world, different kinds of media are needed to share the gospel and disciple believers in the most effective way. TWR Canada strives to use the best media for those who are receiving it. In some parts of the world, sharing media digitally, in the form of websites and apps is the most powerful way to reach people with the hope of Christ.

Some of our recent digital-based projects include:
  • Persian Online Ministry - TWR Canada broadcasts programming via online radio and distributes Persian resources online
  • TWR360 - TWR's website platform and app for iOS and Android, where we share Discipleship Essentials in 13 languages and Bible stories for children in 5 languages in addition to content in over 60 languages provided by other partners globally
  • Quebec Ministry Online Portal - Our partner in Quebec has recently launched an online portal to share their audio and video content more widely
  • TWR Equip - TWR Canada's online small group resource
  • Android Apps - we have recently released an Android app (Speak Hope) for sharing content from TWR Canada and our partners in English and other languages we work in, as well as a Discipleship Essentials app
  • Armenian Digital Ministry - we are creating a series of discipleship videos for children and youth in Armenia, to be shared online and through an app

We are currently developing a platform to enable TWR Canada and other partners to distribute content easily through websites or apps. We will be able to create customized apps for use by various partners in different countries.