TWR Canada works with Christ International Church Ministries to reach Persian speakers through one-to-one and media-driven evangelism, discipleship at their bi-vocational training facilities and sending these indigenous missionaries home to engage the local harvest.

CIC Ministries was formed in 2013 with a primary focus to catalyze a bi-vocational discipleship and church planting movement inside Iran. To accomplish this task CIC built a biblical training center and opened a farm in a predominantly Muslim area in a nearby country that grants greater freedom. Students attending this practical training program receive foundational biblical training that allows them to be life-long learners. Their skills in evangelism and discipleship are also honed during their education time. They also receive vocational training that will enable them to financially sustain their life and ministry inside Iran.

Each year, a significant number of trained disciple-makers will be sent back into Iran to support the maturity of the growing numbers coming to faith inside Iran. Through the skills learned at the training center, all students will be able to return to Iran and fully integrate into the communities they are trying to reach.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the students to learn and incorporate all they are learning into their life.
  • Pray for students to be prepared to meet life’s challenges when they return to Iran.
  • Pray for the staff of CIC to remain intentional in their student discipleship.
  • Pray for necessary prayer and financial partners needed to continue the training program.

Your gift to the CIC Persian Training will help the CIC Training Centre to meet the needs of their students.