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Chinese Ministry (SOTA)

SOTA student is excited to learn using her tablet


Christianity is tightly controlled in China. There are state-sanctioned churches in China, but many more believers meet in underground house churches in urban and rural centres. The Chinese diaspora around the world is seeking Christian materials and training in Mandarin.


Seminary on the Air is our largest Chinese ministry. SOTA is a three to four-year intensive seminary-level program to train church leaders in vital areas of theology and church leadership. We have about 1700 students enrolled in SOTA worldwide; the greatest number are in China, but we also have student groups studying in Canada, Germany, and Japan. Read more about SOTA International and SOTA Canada.

Discipleship Training, Seminary, and Bible Study Camps

TWR Canada’s Chinese Ministry team works to equip believers and train leaders. For example, we have a SOTA centre in Germany with 30 students, but the Chinese churches in Germany have organized about 60 Bible study groups to reach out to Chinese students. Our team trains students to be church leaders. One staff member reported, “They are so eager to learn, they asked me to teach from 10AM to 10PM!”

In Canada, the Chinese Ministry staff organizes Bible reading camps, Bible study camps, preaching camps, discipleship seminars, and an Exegetical Preaching Day. Christian leaders come from different Chinese churches to learn how to understand the Bible and how to apply the truth.

Children’s Stories

TWR Canada’s China Ministry team is spearheading a program to translate a series of books of biblical children’s stories into Mandarin. These stories are being produced as ebooks in five different formats for mobile and desktop as well as accompanying downloadable audio books. This project is expected to be complete by early 2018.