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Christianity is tightly controlled in China and has become even more tightly controlled in recent months. There are state-sanctioned churches in China, but many more believers meet in underground house churches in urban and rural centres. The Chinese diaspora around the world are seeking Christian materials and training in Mandarin.

There are three primary areas where our Chinese Ministry works:

  • SOTA - our largest Chinese ministry. SOTA is a three to four-year intensive seminary level program, distributed online and via portable media devices, to train leaders in vital areas of theology and church leadership
  • Discipleship training, seminary and Bible study camps - in China, Canada and Germany, TWR Canada's Chinese Ministry team works to equip believers and train leaders. They run camps on topics such as Bible reading, Bible study, preaching and discipleship
  • Bible Stories for Children - TWR Canada's Chinese Ministry team is translating and producing Bible stories for children in Mandarin. They are available as ebooks in five different formats for mobile and desktop, as well as an accompanying downloadable audio book. These stories are also available on TWR360


"The Bible study camp helped me to know how to understand the Bible and how to be loyal to the meaning of the Bible. Understanding the meaning of the Bible is just the starting point, the end point is the change in my life. This is exactly what 1 John said about walking in the light and living in the love."

"I went to China to train the staff and some SOTA students in small group Bible study in order to prepare them for the Bible study camp in April. Due to the new religious policies, many churches put more emphasis on small groups and they want to learn better ways to lead small group Bible study. We should have done this in 2017 but it is still good to have the training in 2018 to meet their need."

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for China, as the Chinese government has imposed more tightly controlled restrictions since early 2018.
  • Pray for SOTA students around the world, that they would be diligent in their studies.
  • Pray for the discipleship training, seminary and Bible study camps, that participants would be able to effectively implement what they have learned into their ministries.

Your gift to the Chinese Ministry will equip TWR Canada's Chinese Ministry Team to continue their work with the Chinese people around the world.