The SON-Lift project aims to reach 106 unreached people groups (UPGs) in China, with a population of 100 million, using audio players.  Across these 106 UPGs, 15 languages are represented. TWR Canada is taking part in in reaching people who speak 5 of these languages: Mandarin, Yue, Hakka, Nosu Yi and Mongolian. These audio players include 60 dramatized Bible stories in the appropriate language, the Mandarin or Mongolian audio Bible and 100 worship songs.

Since 2015, nearly 4,000 audio players have been distributed across China. In 2018, audio players will be produced and distributed in 4 languages, including Nosu Yi and Mongolian.


One distributor sent in the following report: “In recent months, my plan for the areas I had in mind are now overwhelmed by flood waters, making in-roads extremely difficult. The need is there. But, our hands are tied, forcing us to delay our plans.” When the situation finally improved, he moved in to do what is on his heart – taking the gospel to the unreached. He has now gone from door-to-door, distributing 36 audio players to individuals to whom natural disasters are a frequent experience. Among these 36 individuals, 9 have professed faith in Christ!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the production of audio players in 4 languages, including Nosu Yi and Mongolian, in 2018. Pray for a smooth process, that all copyright permissions would be granted and for wisdom in creating distribution plans.
  • Pray for those receiving audio players, that they would choose to follow Christ.

Your gift to the China Evangelism Project will go towards reaching the unreached in China.