Champions, Arise! - Trans World Radio Canada

The need for men to take on their spiritual leadership role in the church is a crisis of tremendous proportion. There is a great need for mentoring, encouragement and discipling of men. Champions, Arise! is a multilingual men’s discipleship ministry focused on prayer, programs and partnerships. In cooperation with other men’s ministries, content is developed, translated, produced and distributed for teaching and coaching men throughout the world.

Champions, Arise! is a collection of resources for equipping men and men’s ministries.  This collection includes scripts and audio for 52 programs. The content is based on Every Man a Warrior, by Lonnie Berger, The Four Priorities, by John Tolson and Larry Kreider and the writings of Kent Darcie of Adult Children of Divorce Ministries.

TWR Canada has been involved in the Russian for Ukraine and Spanish for Latin America.


“I am 55 already, and I knew nothing so far about a real marriage and family life. I am listening to you, and begin to imagine how it is to build a family in a right way. This is important. God is using you to make my life new. I am a fruit of your ministry! Father in Heaven, I thank you for TWR and for its staff. Their ministry helps me to walk this life, and if I fall down, to get up and keep on walking. Amen!”

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the men around the world who are listening to Champions, Arise!, that they would learn and grow from this program.
  • Pray for strengthened marriages and families as a result of men listening to Champions, Arise!.

Your gift to Champions, Arise! will allow for the continued equipping of men around the world.