Infrastructure and Global Network - Trans World Radio Canada

We rely on strong infrastructure to communicate the hope of Christ to so many people. This infrastructure includes the transmitters, generators and studios that enable our programming as well as the networks of partners that translate and contextualize programs to the needs of their own people and provide follow-up.

Through faithful contributions of financial support, TWR Canada has worked with ministry partners around the world to support capital projects. Some of our current capital projects include: 

  • West Africa Transmitter - the second transmitter in West Africa is now broadcasting into Nigeria
  • Quebec FM Radio - in partnership with Aujourd'hui l'Espoir and Galcom, we have presented an application to the CRTC for a Christian FM station and repeater stations across Quebec
  • Burundi Office - a new office has been purchased for TWR Burundi and renovations will begin soon
  • Kakuma Refugee Camp Radio Station - we are in the process of setting up a radio station in the heart languages of those living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

Some of our past capital projects include:

  • West Africa Sawmill - this will provide income for the West Africa transmitter site and help it to become more self-sustaining.
  • Central Asia Studio - a new, secure and functional office and production facility for Central Asia
  • Central Asia Conference Centre – a conference centre for Persian believers
  • Cuba Ministry Centre - this has allowed ministry to expand in Cuba, with space for personal counselling, program recording and literature storage
  • Bonaire Transmitter Upgrade - in January 2018, the Bonaire transmitter was upgraded. The signal from Bonaire is now clearer and can be heard further than before
  • 4VEH Haiti Battery Upgrades - TWR Canada partnered with 4VEH Haiti to replace their batteries which power the radio station overnight. The new batteries hold a charge for 15 hours, compared to the old batteries holding a 30 minute charge
  • Bolivia Satellite - the Bolivia satellite allows TWR Bolivia to share their programming further and more effectively
  • Cote d'Ivoire Generator - the new generator for Cote d'Ivoire will assist TWR West and Central Africa to continue working through power outages
  • Ukraine Digital Ministry - TWR Canada provided new equipment to TWR Ukraine to strengthen their digital ministry

Your gift to Infrastructure and Global Network will go towards building and improving our physical infrastructure around the world.