TWR receives countless requests for Scripture from our listeners. Whether they are new believers, or cannot access or afford a Bible, TWR Canada desires that all have a copy of God’s Word in their heart language. Along with partners like ShareWord Global (The Gideons International in Canada) and our national partners, we get the Bible into the hands of those who wouldn’t otherwise have access, including victims of natural disasters who have lost all their worldly possessions.

Each distribution looks different. Sometimes we distribute printed copies of the Bible, and sometimes we distribute audio versions, in areas where illiteracy is common. Sometimes, funding is sent to partners to source and provide Bibles in areas where they are not regularly available, and sometimes distribution is smaller and more focused, in churches and prisons. The shape of the distribution changes according to the needs of those receiving the Bibles, but one thing remains the same: the desire and effort to get God’s Word to all people in their own heart language.

Bibles have been translated in audio and print for and distributed in the countries listed to the left.


One recipient has a physical disability. The possibilities for him to receive the Word of God were greatly reduced. For the first time in his life two evangelists came to him with the gift of a Bible. When they brought him God’s Word, his face radiated with joy and he requested that they bring him water to wash his hands before he received this precious gift. He received his copy of the Bible in his own language and asked for a second copy to give to his brother in another village.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that those who want a Bible would receive one.
  • Pray for those who receive a Bible, that they would grow in their faith.

Your gift to Bible Distribution will go towards the distribution of audio and print Bibles around the world.