Asia is a region of the world that is full of people and very few Christians. This means we have a large but exciting task in this region. We are involved with many projects in Asia, stretching from Japan to China to India and to the Philippines. All of these projects focus on evangelism or discipleship, so we are reaching out to unbelievers, and then assisting believers in growing in their faith. We are involved in a wide range of projects across Asia:

  • Children's Bible Stories - TWR Canada's Chinese Ministry team is translating and producing children's Bible stories into Mandarin for distribution in China
  • China Evangelism Project - audio players are distributed containing dramatized Bible stories, an audio Bible and worship music, in an effort to reach 106 unreached people groups, representing 15 languages, across China
  • Chinese Ministry - TWR Canada's Chinese Ministry team hosts camps in China on topics such as Bible reading, Bible study, preaching and discipleship, in order to equip believers and train leaders
  • India Radio Homes - we are taking part in a project to distribute Radio Home Kits to Radio Home Groups across India, so that believers can study the Word of God
  • Japanese Ministry - Power of the Gospel is a radio program which gives local Japanese pastors a platform to boldly proclaim the gospel
  • Kham Magar Evangelistic Programming - evangelistic programming is broadcast in the language of Kham Magar twice a week on two FM stations in Nepal
  • SOTA - a three to four year intensive seminary program for Chinese believers and church leaders
  • Sri Lanka Broadcasting - a 30-minute weekly program, God’s Unique Book, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the majority Sinhala Buddhist community in Sri Lanka, which has prompted the start of a house church movement
  • Discipleship Essentials - a library of discipleship resources for individual or small group study. As well, training sessions to teach people how to start a discipleship movement have happened in India and the Philippines
  • Bible Distribution - we have been involved with distributing print Bibles across Asia

Your gift to the Asia ministry will go towards projects such as these, and reach the multitudes of people across Asia.