Africa Ministry - Trans World Radio Canada

Africa is such a vast continent, with over 50 countries and so many cultures. How do you reach a region this diverse? It is impossible unless we use every form of media available to us. Families may have no furniture, they may live in a mud hut and have little or no formal education, but they have a radio! Since 1974, TWR has been broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ across Africa. We also work with national workers and indigenous leadership to provide the Church with the resources they need. We have also been involved with some infrastructure projects in Africa, and distribute programming on portable media devices. The projects we are involved within Africa are vast. See for yourself: 

  • Bible Distribution - we have been involved in distributing print and audio Bibles across Africa
  • Burundi Radio Broadcasts - we broadcast three programs in Burundi: Good News for All, Jesus is the Answer, and The Way of Righteousness
  • Children's Bible Stories - in Kenya, we translate, produce and broadcast the stories in Swahili. In Malawi, we broadcast the English radio programs
  • Discipleship Essentials - a resource for discipleship used in discipleship training sessions in several countries across Africa
  • Senufo Evangelistic Programming - the Senufo are a people group in western Africa. When TWR's new program The Prophets is complete, it will be broadcast to the Senufo people
  • South Africa Broadcasting - Chase the Wind is a weekly serial about a life turned upside down. Scripts are in progress, and it will be broadcast in South Africa
  • The Way of Righteousness - we are translating and distributing (by radio and portable media devices) this program across Africa in three languages: Arabic, Nubi and Kirundi
  • TWR Women of Hope - addresses women's despair and feelings of hopelessness by encouraging, equipping and engaging through radio programs and prayer groups
  • West Africa Sawmill - an infrastructure project to assist the West Africa transmitter site in becoming financially self-sustaining
  • West Africa Transmitter - an infrastructure project to build a new transmitter, directed primarily towards Nigeria
  • TWR MOTION - TWR MOTION's first animated video series was aimed at a people group in North Africa, whose dialect of Arabic is unwritten
  • Your Quest For God Audio Book - several years ago, we translated this book into French and Bambara. Now, we have produced it as an audio book for those who can't read
  • Cote d'Ivoire Generator - TWR West and Central Africa rely on a generator to continue operating during power outages. Their generator was old and lacked spare parts. We provided a new generator so they could continue their work
  • Men Alive - a weekly program for men aired in South Africa, teaching men to be fathers, sons, friends, husbands and employees who conform to the image of Christ

Your gift to projects in Africa will support the continuation of these projects.