Trans World Radio Canada - Africa


African man listening to a radio


TWR Canada's Ministry in Africa

Africa is such a vast continent, with over 50 countries and so many cultures. How do you reach a region this diverse? It is impossible unless we use every form of media available to us. Families may have no furniture, they may live in a mud hut and have little or no formal education, but they have a radio! Why? They want to hear the news, even if it is bad news. TWR has been using radio since 1974 to broadcast a different form of news, the Good News of Jesus Christ. Most Africans believe in a God; we introduce them to the true God, the only God, the God of Hope. TWR Canada has played a role in Africa for many years. An early project included building one of the first recording studios in the country of Mozambique, to produce radio programs sharing the hope of Christ in the midst of a civil war that lasted over 20 years. During this time, over 350 churches were planted as a result of the radio program.

Today our ministry has a much larger footprint, from Angola to Mozambique, and Guinea to South Africa. TWR Canada has projects across the continent that enable millions to hear the Gospel on a daily basis. We invest in high-powered broadcast stations in Swaziland and West Africa, we bring hope to disadvantaged women through Project Hannah, we produce and air Tools for Wise Leadership to help ground leaders in the Word of God, and so much more. Through testimonies of lives healed and transformed, we see the fruit of these programs.

Across Africa, we work with national workers and indigenous leadership to provide the church with the resources they need.  These leaders provide biblical counselling resources in West Africa, discipleship resources to deepen the faith of those in East Africa, and biblical leadership resources in Southern Africa. Across Africa, our TWR Women of Hope/Project Hannah prayer groups work to meet the needs of their communities through prayer and radio broadcasts.

TWR Canada’s breadth of ministry is only possible because of faithful donors like you that make it possible. Help us continue to reach into these difficult to reach places in Africa—the job is not done!