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    Waiting in Hope

    June 15, 2018 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    Fadila* had already waited seven years to marry the man she loved. They were engaged young, while he was still in school. Although jobs are hard to come by in their North African country, culturally it’s expected that the man will have a steady job that provides a good wage before marriage. It’s also customary for a couple’s family to chaperone them before marriage, but Fadila’s family took the extreme measure of not allowing them to talk privately, even when family members were nearby. Fadila began to worry that her fiancé would grow frustrated and leave her for someone else. In this land where Christians are few, finding a suitable marriage partner who is a believer is very challenging.

    Fadila listened to Women of Hope regularly and found comfort in the program during this distressing time. One winter day, she called to confide in a Women of Hope team member, who fervently prayed with her. As they prayed, our producer had a strong image in her mind of Fadila buying a wedding dress in the summer. Although we know from God’s Word that he sometimes reveals himself and his plans in visions and dreams, the producer was at first uncertain if she should share this with Fadila. After continued prayer, she did tell Fadila the image that had come to her mind as they prayed and encouraged her to stay strong in her faith, no matter what. Her heart now filled with hope, Fadila continued listening to the program.

    The next summer, the Women of Hope team heard from her again. With the message was a picture … of Fadila in her wedding dress! The seven long years of waiting were over.

    Calls like this encourage our production teams – a happy resolution for a woman who turned to God through her ordinary, though distressing, struggles. But teams also routinely hear from many women in significant pain: women being abused, women desperate for help. Your prayers for our production teams are crucial. As you petition God for their wisdom and perseverance, they continue to minister to listeners like Fadila – and God continues to use them and the Women of Hope programs to fill hurting hearts with hope for him.

    *Program language withheld and listener name changed for security reasons. Though Arabic is spoken across North Africa, Women of Hope also airs in the common dialects and languages of the different countries, ensuring that its messages will resonate with and be easily understood by listeners.

    (Article originally published in “The Heartbeat,” Volume 21, Number 1; picture not actual woman in testimony.)