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  • Feb17Fri

    Unfolding The Beauty

    February 17, 2017 by Dr Peggy Banks
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    Peggy's Update

    The ongoing vision for TWR Women of Hope/Project Hannah is to bring hope to women around the world and across generations. We want to equip women to pray, listen, learn, grow and give. Let me unpack that.

    When we think about prayer, we are in 125 countries with over 50,000 men and women praying together using a prayer calendar translated into more than 85 languages. We want to continue teaching them about prayer and how to pray.

    We’d like to continue with awareness programming so women understand the plight of women worldwide. Multi-media platforms will be available so women can get online and listen any way they can. There are audio dramas for widows and programs that deal with domestic violence. We want to have new formats and see women invest in one another so they are growing emotionally and spiritually. We really want to get a discipleship series started so women can grow in their relationship with God

    We want to equip and help women continue to learn. We’re looking ahead to Speaking Hope To Women events. To encourage and equip and engage women all over the world. This is what one woman said to us: “You taught me to see myself as Jesus sees me. I thought women were worthless and doomed. This program is doing for me what nothing else can do. I know God sent his only son just to die for me.”

    We want to grow; we want women to grow so that they will impact their communities for Christ. Seeing how our leaders are working tirelessly, I want to start with care. I want to see how our leaders are feeling, how they’re doing – initiate self awareness and healing. You can teach anybody specific skills, but I want to look at the character of our leaders.
    We want to pass this ministry on to the next generation. As we tear down idols that the world has built up, we build up hope in the lives of women and let them know they are valued and plant seeds in the next generation.

    We want to see women learn how to give their time and talents. They all have something to give, something to share as we steward for God’s glory. What does God want you to do with what talents and treasures you have?

    This story comes in from Tehran. A listener wrote that before she heard our programs she thought her life was perfect. Nice house. Good job. Little savings and a lot of debt. Then her husband lost his job. “I soon learned that the material things I loved most were not the most important things in life.” She started listening to Women of Hope and realized where hope comes from.

    With God’s power working in us, God can do much more than we could ever imagine. We pray that God would continue to bless you as you pass on the baton of your story. He brings a life from brokenness to beauty. There’s more in God’s kingdom than we could ever imagine. Abraham experienced this at 75. Moses at 80. Paul on the road to Damascus.

    Maybe that’s your story. Maybe that’s what God wants to do – unfold the beauty.