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    The Symbol of the Dungeon

    September 1, 2017 by the TWR Canada Women’s Ministry Team
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    Dear praying friend,

    A recent experience in Central Asia made me think about our role in sharing the light of Jesus Christ.

    I found myself pausing as I leaned over the ladder above a dark hole. Looking down into the pit was enough to make me reconsider going down that long, vertical ladder. There were no railings or protection; I was wearing smooth-soled sandals. Was this really a good idea?

    With just enough curiosity and determination to get me started, I took a deep breath and started down. At the bottom, I was very eager to go right back up! Perhaps it was good there were others coming down – I was forced to stay and had time to look around. Yet, for those few minutes while others were blocking my way out, I felt trapped.

    The story goes that in ancient times this dungeon was used to hold prisoners who were going to be executed. However, in this particular situation, the prisoner was left to die and was never brought up for execution. He was forgotten down in that dungeon except for an elderly Christian lady who kept him alive by lowering food and water each day. Imagine … he was down there in that dark, damp, rodent-infested pit for years!

    Then the day came when his captor, the most influential man in the nation, was seriously ill. The man’s sister had a recurring dream where she was told to bring the prisoner out of the dungeon and submit to his will. Interesting. It must have seemed odd, but she had him hauled up. He was a Christian and knew the power of prayer, so he prayed for his captor, and the captor was healed! The prisoner was released and given freedom to share the light of Christ throughout the country.

    Today this once-forgotten prisoner is credited with bringing Christianity to the entire nation!

    He was down in that pit for years; I was there for minutes, perhaps less, and the version of the dungeon I saw had lights and was significantly cleaned up. The difference had to be stark. Yet, even with greatly improved conditions, I didn’t want to be there a second longer than I had to be!

    Today I can look at this experience with more perspective. From the comfort of home, I find myself thinking maybe it wasn’t so bad. Yet I clearly remember how it felt to be down there. I felt claustrophobic, and the darkness pressed in close.

    Thinking about it, the dungeon became a symbol of those trapped in darkness. How many women are trapped in a dark pit, unaware there is light available? Or not understanding the love Christ offers them?

    You and I know that Jesus is the only light for the world’s darkness. In John 12:46 he says, “I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness” (NASB). Jesus rescues us from that pit of sin and despair and renews us with his light. It’s a wonderful truth, but many don’t know it; we need to tell them.

    TWR Women of Hope is doing exactly that! Our global prayer movement, an effective media outreach, leadership development and much more proclaim that there is indeed light, that women can be brought up out of the darkness of the pit to experience new life! Listen to what this listener tells us,  

    My mom and I listen to your Women of Hope program. We are new believers and your programs ….help us to know God more. Jesus has completely changed us. I am so amazed by the way I used to think in the past. I am so thankful to the Lord…he is the one who really cares about us, and he provides people and tools to take care of us. Thank you for everything.”

    The light of Christ has changed them! He has changed their thinking, bringing them from darkness into his light, and giving them freedom, hope and healing in his powerful name! That’s what he does. And amazingly, he invites us to be part of his work!

    Our Persian language Women of Hope programs are produced in Central Asia at a cost of $27,000 per year. We are trusting God to supply this entire financial need before the end of the year. Will you join us in taking women from the darkness to the light? Your financial gift will help us continue sharing the light of Christ.

    Your partnership is a blessing. Thank you.

    In Him,

    Colleen Shoemaker
    Women’s Ministry Coordinator, TWR Canada

    P.S. You can give by calling us at our toll-free number (1-888-672-6510), or online here.